Events are as unique as the people who throw them. From corporate galas to dream weddings to individual milestones, getting together to celebrate is a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean the event itself has to be common.

At Talen Events, we specialize in event architecture – building your corporate event, wedding, or party from the ground up, from concept to execution. We understand that events are more than just get-togethers: they are expressions of your values and vision. We’ll help bring that vision to life while adhering to those values, as well as the budget and timeframe you’ve allotted.

Our qualified, experienced event architects will work with you to understand your vision and create a detailed event plan, and then we’ll leverage our extensive network of affordable, eco-friendly providers to execute that plan flawlessly. Our services include:

+ Corporate event planning
+ Wedding planning
+ Party planning
+ Eco-event consulting

With our extensive experience, client-centered philosophy and unique three-phase process, Talen Events is your one-stop resource for preparing the perfect event. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.