Our Process

As part of our customer care philosophy, Talen Events has created a unique three-phase process that fosters the development of a solid event plan and a collaborative client relationship.

Phase 1: Concept
The first step is building trust and understanding the vision. Through a one-hour consultation, we get to know what you have planned for your event, as well as a general sense of your wants, needs, and likes. At the same time, we hope to give you the benefit of our expertise and a general sense of security.

Depending on the size of your event, we’ll create either 2 or 3 concept boards, which you can then take away and consider at your leisure. You can embrace one concept wholeheartedly, or you can mix and match various elements of the different concepts. Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you want, we can put together a final plan to act as the foundation for your event.

Phase 2: Development
With a solid plan as the basis, Talen Events will begin building your event. We’ll source everything you need to bring your vision to life from our extensive list of eco-conscious vendors. Venues, food and drink, entertainment, furnishings, decorations, and whatever else you need to make your event a success—we’ll find high-quality offerings at affordable prices.

Throughout the development phase, you will be consulted to ensure that what you want is what you get. After all, it’s your event—your vision, your experience. Our job is to make it as enjoyable for you as it will be for your guests.

Phase 3: Execution
At once the most exciting and perhaps the most demanding phase, event execution may last anywhere from a matter of hours to a number of months, depending on the type and size of the event. However long it lasts, you can be sure that Talen Events will remain vigilant and engaged.

During this phase, our job is to oversee every element to ensure it is executed exactly as planned, effectively managing the various vendors and dealing with any hiccups quickly and efficiently so that your guests never know they even existed. Your job is to host your guests and enjoy the experience of seeing your vision in action.